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The George T. Goodwin
Community Center

Each year, the George T. Goodwin Community Center touches the lives of more than 800 families, individuals, seniors, and children in the Mars Hill and Decatur Township area. From working families struggling to make ends meet, to seniors seeking companionship and ways to stay healthy, the Goodwin Community Center connects neighbors and families with the resources that promote independence and life-long growth.


How you can help!


Thank you for your interest in the Goodwin Center!

If you wish to make a difference in the world, this is the perfect place to do it. Everyday, the staff and volunteers at the Goodwin Center work together to create an environment “where community grows.” There are a number of ways that you can help families and individuals connect with the community, to find the help that they need and to improve their future.

Please make checks payable and mail to:

The George T. Goodwin Center
3935 Mooresville Road
Indianapolis, Indiana 46221

If you have a donation that you would like to have picked up or if you or your organization would be willing to host a food drive, please use our contact form to send us a message.

The families and individuals we serve appreciate whatever you can do. Thank you in advance.

Amazon Wish List

Did you know that the Goodwin Center provides free breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday for those needing a meal or just coming into the center for companionship? Among those being served is also an increasing number of people facing homelessness. We aim to provide food to nourish their bodies and to also assist them with basic necessities to withstand the elements. We have created an Amazon Wishlist of items that will help us serve our meals more efficiently, help us provide items to those in need, and toys and games for those coming into the community center. If you are in a position to purchase something off of our wish list, it would be greatly appreciated. If not, please do us a favor and share this with others. Thank you for supporting the George T. Goodwin Community Center! Check out my list on Amazon

Community Pantry




Hours of operation:

Sunday – Closed

Monday – 10am – 4pm

Tuesday – 10am – 4pm

Wednesday – 10am- 4pm

Thursday – 10am – 4pm

Friday – 10am – 4pm

Saturday – Closed

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